North Philadelphia basketball coach starts sneaker drive

A North Philadelphia basketball coach started a sneaker drive to help kids in need.

"Kids need good sneakers if they're gonna fulfill their dreams," Coach Horace Timmons said.

A sneaker, fulfilling dreams?

"I want to go to the NBA when I grow up," one student said.

A good shoe alone won't get 13-year-old Haneef Davis to the pros, but Coach Timmons has been teaching inner city kids for 40 years and knows a thing or two about what kills dreams.

"If a kid is coming to the playground every day, trying to participate, but his foot gear is not up to par, he might take a little ribbing from his friends," he said.

A little ribbing is putting is nicely, says Jeff Murray, who runs a basketball and fitness program for 200 kids. There's self esteem in a cool pair of shoes.

"Maybe even someone might not even pick on them because even small things like that become a really big disadvantage," he said.

When Coach Timmons heard some players were in dire need of shoes, he put himself in their shoes, and started a sneaker drive.

"We're looking for 100 pairs of new sneakers, football cleats, girls and boys sneakers, sizes 8-14 for the athletic teams at Dobbins. So when they start the school year back, all the teams know they'll be ready to go,' coach Timmons said. "Good sneaks and a fresh haircut makes a kid feel like new money."

To donate sneakers to Dobbins High School in North Philadelphia, please contact coach Horace Timmons at the following:

Phone: 267-591-5099

Email: Timmonsillhorace5@