Nurse practitioner at HUP spends days caring patients, nights caring for mother with dementia and Alzheimer's disease

A nurse practitioner at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania cares for patients during the day and her mother with dementia and Alzheimer's disease at night.

“I am Jenny Davis, nurse practitioner at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania."

So far, most of the people we’ve focused on have the label of hero because of their job and that certainly applies to Davis as well.


“I think generally working at a hospital it's ever changing. We’re always focused on our patients and whatever their needs are," Davis told FOX 29.

She spends her days in medical facilities that are battling against coronavirus but like with many the challenges of the pandemic are far from over when she clocks out.

“She was diagnosed with dementia in 2014 and then a couple years later with Alzheimer's," Davis said.

FOX 29's Bill Anderson spoke with Davis on a day off from work which for her means along with one of her sisters, sharing primary care of their mother.

“Right now not having, she goes to a day center, where she gets that routine socialization, a lot of activities for engagement," she added.

However, coronavirus means those facilities are currently closed. Davis has been an advocate for the Alzheimer’s Association for years but the current pandemic has shined an even brighter light on the need for more resources for thousands like her mother.

“I think this pandemic has highlighted that and I think that’s a good thing. There’s a lot of things that we need to address in society. Like I said, I think everyone deserves the opportunity to thrive," Davis said.

So she takes care of us during the days, her Mom when she’s not at work and advocates for the Alzheimer’s community in between. So does she think she’s a hero?

“This is my life, the things that keep me going. To me my hero is my mom, whatever life has thrown at her she’s responded with love compassion and kindness," she said.

Davis hopes to continue as she advocates for her mother others.

“If I could ever be even half the woman that she is then I don’t know, maybe one day I could consider myself a hero?" she said.

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