Ocean City kite surfer reports himself safe following search

The search for a kite surfer in Ocean City was suspended Friday after the missing man reported himself safe.

The Coast Guard says thier search began Thursday afternoon after authorities alerted them of a kite surfer who had fallen from his board and was seen drifting out to sea. The man was reportedly 500-yards off the Corson Inlet when the incident occurred.

Five departments, including both lifeboat and helicopter crews, searched 550 square miles over a 16 hour period.

Coast Guard officials said the man reported himself safe around 10 a.m. Friday. According to Delaware Bay watchstanders the man reportedly cut loose from his kite following a malfunction and used his board to paddle ashore.

"Cases like this illustrate the importance of labeling your kayaks, canoes, kite boards and other recreational marine vehicles, so that in the event they are lost, or you are missing, we can reach out to contact you or return it," Petty Officer 1st Class Alex Castonguay said.