Officer Buys Car Seats For Unrestrained Children Following Traffic Stop

ROSSFORD, OH- An Ohio police officer did something surprising after observing a car driving on the interstate with four children inside, with only two of them in their child restraints.

"I was conducting traffic stops out on the interstate and observed a vehicle go by that had four children in it and noticed that two of them were outside of and not in child restraints," Officer Scala explained.

Instead of issuing the driver a ticket Wednesday, Mark Scala, an 18-year veteran of the Rossford, Ohio police department, bought booster seats for the two youngest children.

The four children were nieces and nephews of the driver. She had taken them in for her sister who has fallen on tough times.

"Instead of giving her a 150 dollar ticket, that she obviously didn't have the money for, to just help them out instead and getting them the car seats that hopefully they will continue to use is more important that's what it's all about," Scala said.

Not only did Scala buy the booster seats, he also helped install them. Scala says he doesn't expect anything in return and would do it again.

"I cannot believe this person that had no idea who these children were had no idea the situation that they were going through but he didn't hesitate one minute to pull out his card to buy them a car seat," the driver said.