Officials allow 'End Racism Now' painting to remain on street in Fishtown

Officials say an anti-racism art display that was painted on a city street in Philadelphia will remain until it naturally fades away. 

The display, captured overhead by SkyFOX Tuesday, shows the words 'End Racism Now' written in yellow paint spanning the middle lane of Girard Avenue in Fishtown.

Fire officials allowed the organizers to complete the artwork and notified them that it would be allowed to stay until it naturally faded.

Organizers, however, told city officials that the paint could be removed after they captured inspiring images. Philadelphia fire says the organizers wanted to ensure the safety of the street with clear driving lines.

Overnight, fire crews acted on the organizer's wish and tried to remove the paint with a fire hose but it would not wash away. The city says there are no further plans to remove the paint and it will remain until it naturally fades.

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The artwork appears to be inspired by the bold yellow 'Black Lives Matter' display seen written on the street in Washington D.C. 

The capital city's painting, done by D.C. Department of Public Works, spans the width of 16th Street and will run from K Street to H Street at Lafayette Park near the White House.


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