Officials warn of dangers of fireworks ahead of Fourth of July weekend

Officials are warning of the dangers of fireworks ahead of the holiday weekend. 

Rasaan Urquhart knows all about the damage fireworks can cause. He lost sight in his left eye after a fireworks accident during the Eagles Super Bowl celebration back in 2018.

“I got close to see if it was done or not. Basically, the firework malfunctions," he said.

Rasaan joined officials Thursday to talk about fireworks danger as we enter the Fourth of July weekend.

Philadelphia has been plagued with random firework explosions over the past few months of the pandemic. Philly police report 5,107 firework complainants from May 29th to June 21, including nearly 800 in one day.

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"There are over 9,000 injuries per year from fireworks primarily to the hands and the eye," Ann Murchison, MD, Director of the Wills Eye Emergency Department at Jefferson, said.

Camden has had its share of fireworks complaints in the weeks leading up the holiday weekend. Authorities are telling residents not to shoot off fireworks after shows were canceled due to the pandemic

"These are the times when folks tried to go out of state and get really nice fireworks not knowing in the state of New Jersey you can't use them," Camden County Police Lt. Gabriel Rodriguez said.

Upper Darby police say they haven't had as many complaints, but they are getting reports of loud explosions near the Philadelphia border.


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