Family: Oldest woman in Florida dies at 113

Ada Avila, believed to be one of the oldest living women in Florida, died Monday at 113, her family told FOX 35 News this week.

Avila was born in 1910 in Ecuador and eventually moved to the United States where she lived in New York and then Deltona, Florida with her daughter, her family told FOX 35.

FOX 35 has profiled Avila a couple of times over the years as she marked birthday milestones with friends and family.

She had eight children, 12 grandkids, and 17 great-grandchildren, her family said. 

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The oldest woman in Florida celebrates her 113th birthday surrounded by family members. 

Earlier this year, Gov. Ron DeSantis reportedly sent her a letter wishing her a happy 113th birthday.

Her daughter, Daisy, described her mother as a fighter.

Since her 100th birthday, family has come to Florida each year to celebrate with her, her family said.