Ole Anderson: Death of original Four Horsemen wrestling group member at 81

Professional wrestling legend Ole Anderson has died at 81. 

The WWE announced his passing on Monday, saying they were saddened to learn of his death. 

All Elite Wrestling also shared their sympathies. 

Anderson was a founding member of The Four Horsemen, an iconic wrestling alliance in the late ‘80s. 

"Ole’s hard-nosed style and gruff demeanor helped define the group as one of the greatest stables in sports-entertainment history," the WWE said

WWE credits the group with "redefining" sports-entertainment, as they went through the ranks in the NWA. 

"They donned Armani suits when other wrestlers were rocking Zubaz and fanny packs. They hopped into private jets while everyone else in the locker room crammed into cheap rental cars," the WWE wrote

Anderson famously worked most alongside Arn Anderson, and the duo eventually joined forces with Ric Flair, Tully Blanchard and manager J.J. Dillon to kick off The Four Horsemen. 

"The group set a standard of style, attitude and success that has inspired every stable that followed," the WWE said. 

The family of Anderson, whose legal name was Alan Rogowski, shared his obituary from Georgia, which stated he also served in the United States Army. 

He leaves behind seven children and several grandchildren. 

This story was reported from Detroit.