Only In Philly : Wing Bowl

Tomorrow night, tens of millions of Americans will gather in front of their TV sets to watch the NFL's elite meet to compete for Super Bowl 49.

The Seattle Sea hawks look to repeat as champions against a New England Patriots team looking for their fourth title since the turn of the century.

But in Philadelphia, more than 20,00 fans of sports and spectacle will still be nursing a hangover, following the 23rd annual Wing Bowl.

Over the years, this chicken-wing-eating contest has grown- like a stuffed belly- from a minor radio stunt, to a pop culture phenomenon known around the country-- with nationally known competitive eaters and big prize money.

My take? Watching fat guys eat, strippers strut and college kids drink their brains out, would- at one point in my life- have intrigued me.

Now, it just seems kind of pathetic. Hey, props to WIP for knowing what Philly fans want- and giving it to them in mass quantities.

i guess as a father of two daughters in their 20's and a son just out of college, the flashing and the boozing seems a little less harmless.

Young women tearing their shirts off for the enjoyment of strangers is the definition of tacky.

The thought of thousands of drunks hitting the streets of Philly when the event ends around 10 am is just scary.

We love our blue collar reputation around here, but when one of those strippers gets attacked, or a drunk college kid kills someone on the roads the fun and games will quickly come to an end.