Orangutan goes ape for magic trick at Barcelona Zoo

(STORYFUL/FOX 26) - Dan Zaleski of Meriden, Connecticut, could well be one of those guys who has that single magic trick he brings out at every family party, funeral or wedding. You clap but really you'd prefer he found something new.

Well Zaleski definitely has one very big fan of his magic skills in an orangutan from Barcelona Zoo.

In a video that has recently gone viral, Zaleski is seen sitting beside an orangutan, the pair separated by a glass wall, as the animal watches the Connecticut native perform a disappearing trick involving a styrofoam cup and a cherry. When he shows the orangutan the empty cup as the finale the great ape rolls on the floor in a fit of laughter.

In a Facebook post featured (seen below), Zaleski told how the incident took place in Barcelona, noting that he tried the trick on his hairy audience on a number of occasions.

One of my Favorite moments in Barcelona. I showed him this Magic Trick a few times and this was his best reaction. It is crazy how much alike we are. SO Cool.

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