'Our right to exist': Protesters persist in marching, advocating Justice for George Floyd in Philadelphia

Another massive march from City Hall to the Art Museum was captured by SkyFox as the fight for justice for George Floyd and the Black Lives Matter movement continues.

"Just being peaceful and walking and exhibiting our right to exist," said Christopher Aziz Johnson joined those at City Hall as they kneeled in solidarity over the murder of Floyd. This all happening on the same day officials announced new charges against the officers involved.

"It's not enough yet," said Johnson. In the sea of protesters I also found Eden Kent who I talked to at a protest last Sunday at City Hall.

"We got to keep protesting until they're actually convicted because a lot of times cops can go to trial and they still get off," said Kent. The crowd the moved to Broad and Cecil B. Moore.


"We do not celebrate small victories. Second degree murder means nothing," said one young man. 

Christopher Bowman, 27, says being part of change is something he'll be proud to share with his seventh grade math students at Warren G. Harding Middle School.

"This is something I'll be able to tell my kids that I fought for them one day. It's beautiful and it's awe inspiring," he said. Bowman also hopes to teach his students that you can be peaceful and still be heard.

"It doesn't have to be violence and I understand it's out of frustration and anger and rage but it's a way to process that and let it manifest in a positive way," said Bowman.

Others say the unity of all races and ethnicities is encouraging for the fight for justice.

"We do not want white people to feel guilty for being white. We want racist people to feel guilty and ashamed for being racist and this is what we're out here for," said Sixx King.

The group plans to protest again at 2 p.m. Friday beginning at the Philadelphia Art Museum.


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