Pa., N.J. experience historic Super Bowl Sunday sports betting

Sports betting is making the big game more interesting this year.

Football fans have a lot on the line, as this is the first time they could walk into a casino and place bets in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

It just wasn't in the cards for the Eagles this year, though the Birds were well represented, as Ocean Casino and others across New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Delaware entered a new era of legalized Super Bowl sports betting. Nevada is no longer the only game in town.

"We went to Vegas several times to watch the Super Bowl and now that it's here, we came down to Atlantic City," explained Geoff Filinuk.

And, with more than 900 wagers available, there were plenty of strange bets, like "Which will be more: the margin of victory of Sunday's Georgetown/Villanova basketball game, or first quarter Super Bowl points?" That bet goes to Nova, who won by 12.

"I didn't bet anything crazy. I bet on the Rams to win with the point spread," said Anna Marino.

Lots of newcomers on hand, mostly for the excitement. As much as Mike Magilton could have, anyway, considering he was at last year's Super Bowl.

"Instead of being there, this could match it," Magilton said.
"Wait. This matches being at the Super Bowl?" asked Fox 29's Brad Sattin.
"Okay, no, no, no, you're right. Take two," Magilton replied.

It is historic, said William Hill Sports Book, which runs the event.

"From the beginning of time, people were always betting on sports. Every sports fan has an opinion of what they think is going to happen. So, it's great now that they can just do it in a legal and controlled, responsible way," explained Sharon Otterman, CMO of William Hill Sports Book.

And, right from the start, a winner of the coin toss.

Alex Robka said he's looking for a 7.5 to one payout based on the first quarter's score. Thank goodness for research.

"You always have to think about your bets," explained Robka.

Though, maybe he needs to think some more.

"My first four bets a couple weeks ago with the playoffs, I went zero for four. And, I'm behind. I'm losing already," Robka said.

But, the bet of the day goes to Shani DeSantis, who, no kidding, went up to the counter and made the following wager on Super Bowl Sunday.

"I bet that the Phillies were going to win the World Series," DeSantis stated.