Parents deciding whether their kids will miss school for Eagles parade

Parents are deciding whether their kids should miss school for the Eagles parade.

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"We're going. We're going to the parade no doubt," Marie Koch says it's a no-brainer. No work or school for her kids this Thursday for the Eagles Super Bowl Championship parade.

"School is very important to me and for my kids but this is perhaps a once in a lifetime opportunity and we wouldn't miss it for the world," said Koch. Parents all over the area are faced with the decision to allow their kids to miss school or not. Philadelphia public and catholic schools are closed but some surrounding districts are still grappling with the decision. Chris Knoble's children are in the Bethlehem School District and he says schools there will remain open.

"I don't think it's a dilemma. It's a once in a lifetime thing. My daughter would be taken out of school for that but it's everybody else's decision," he said. Council Rock officials posted a message on its school district website. It allows students to take an excused absence Thursday to attend the parade but schools will be open for parents who decide their children should be in the classroom.

"It's taken me 50 years before I got to see it," said Brian McDowell. He's satisfied with the district's compromise. His 14-year old daughter is going to the parade.

"I think it's good that the school district is leaving the school open for those that want to attend school and giving the option and go to the parade feel they need or want to," said McDowell. Kristie McCaffery's three children will be using the excused absence option but not to go to the parade.

"We just decided we're going to stay home and watch it from the couch because just getting down there on the trains and it's just going to be a little bit too much. I think most parents would have probably done what they wanted to do anyway and took an unexcused absence," she said.