People brave the heat to get fresh outside air

Scorching, sizzling, sweltering, sweaty. It’s hot.

96 degrees Monday and high humidity. Still, around Philadelphia, lots of people were out. Why? Baasil Broughton had a good reason.

“I came out because I had to get some shorts. It’s like hotter than it was yesterday. More so than that, I do home health aide work, so getting out of the house is like something I would want to do,” Broughton explained.

Okay. He works inside all day. He wanted fresh air, even if it’s hot air.

James Johnson was heading to Rittenhouse Square with a cold beer in hand.

“I’m going to sit there and drink me a little beer. I hope no cops are there and I’m going to watch the sights and catch the breeze coming through here, too,” Johnson remarked.

Johnson said even though Monday was said to be dangerously hot, the pandemic has kept people inside and they want out.

“It’s not so hot to a lot of people. To some people, it’s scorching, but then some people say also ‘I want to get out. I’m tired of being in the house. I’m tired of being scared,’” Johnson added.

Tiffany Fasone and Lizzy McGowan were deading to dinner.

“We want to enjoy the city. It’s a beautiful night, other than then heat,” McGowan said.

They were looking fashionably hot. Pun intended.

“I just put the three minute makeup on because you don’t need it anywhere else, just the top part,” Fasone stated. The mask turning up the heat even more.

“Is it tough? Like today is supposed to be dangerously hot,” FOX 29’s Shawnette Wilson asked.

“It’s like hell,” Fasone replied.

Most were handling the heat while looking at the bright side.

“The breeze makes it better and beer makes it even better,” Johnson explained.


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