People enjoy time on South Street while attempting to practice social distancing

South Street is a Philly hotspot especially this time of year. Signs that the coronavirus is still a concern though are pretty obvious.

Long lines of people waiting to get inside stores, outdoor dining taking up parking spaces, and plenty of people in masks. But the size of the crowds is pretty much the same making it nearly impossible to social distance completely and consistently on this strip.

"A lot of people do the six feet but some people don't but I don't really sweat it too much. I just put my mask on," said Varley Saran. It’s his second time on South Street since it reopened.  He’s out with friends this evening to shop and get food.

"It feels safe to me at least," he said. Even though people may be close in line Saran says it helps that the lines move fast so he isn't too concerned about the coronavirus.

"And they won't let you get into the stores without a mask on anyway," said Saran. Jim’s Steaks had a line too but that’s normal. In this environment though is it safe?

"They have like the stand six feet apart but once you got in there it's really impossible to be six feet apart," said Vanity Valezquez. She says it’s her Philly from North Jersey. Jim’s Steaks was on her to-do-list and she took the ride down today.

"I think that everyone is just doing the best they can by applying hand sanitizer and wearing face masks," she said. Not even the coronavirus could keep her from South Street and the crowds.

"I just think we can't stop living our lives but in the safest way possible," said Velazquez.

Jim’s Steaks gave out masks to customers who didn’t have them.


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