Delaware Valley sees future of hope on Inauguration Day

Hope is the word many people used to describe what they felt from watching the inauguration.

"Hope, pride and relief," said Nora Alter.

Jasmine Tyrone added, "I was very happy and slightly relieved." The feelings evoked by yet another historic Inauguration.

"Largely a sentiment of hope. I think knowing the country has gone through a lot recently both the coronavirus but also the more recent protests and the division," said Jaing Chai. She’s particularly moved by President Biden's message.

"We can do this if we open our souls instead of hardening our hearts. If we show a little tolerance and humility and if we're willing to stand in the other person's shoes," said President Biden.

"I think hearing President Biden's message on unity and bringing people together and really becoming a President for everyone even people who didn't vote for him. I think that was really compelling," said Chai.  

Couple Jasmine Tyrone and Kareem Smallwood know exactly what they want to see happen to move things forward.

"I need different bills to go into the House and in Senate. I just need change," said Smallwood.

"I just pray and hope that there's a lot of substance in it as well and a lot of things that are changed. That we don't just look at it like yay we have a Black woman and she's of color but she really gets things done that are for the people. And especially for people of color," said Tyrone.

Nora Alter took a break from inauguration coverage to walk Roxy in Rittenhouse this evening with a few things she wants the new administration to tackle.

"We need to take up and move forward in certain areas of the environment, Green New Deal, also issues of economic disparity and questions of race," she said.


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