People still out and about despite bone chilling temperatures

The Delaware Valley hasn't dealt with temperatures this cold in quite a while. The frigid air poses serious health concerns.

It was the wind that almost turned Chris Banks away.

"I heard the wind banging on my window. I was like, 'I'm not going out there!'" Banks said.

But, he dressed in layers and was delivering food by bicycle Sunday night.

"Oh, it's way colder than earlier. I just want to go home so bad!" Banks exclaimed.

The customer sympathy keeps him going, when a $3.00 tip turns into ten.

"I usually average out to 25 or 30 an hour. But, on a cold night, maybe 40," Banks explained.

There's no rest on account of cold, especially for PG&E employees fixing a gas leak.

An out-of-town couple, was bundled up.

"We flew in for the weekend because we're from Florida and it sounded fun," explained Lyndsey McDonald.
"Is it still fun?" asked Fox 29's Brad Sattin.
"Yeah, absolutely," Lyndsey replied.

And, Steve Shoptaugh, visiting from Oregon. He's worn kilts for decades and this cold isn't reason enough to stop now.

"I feel that it's kilt weather. For sure, yeah. My knees will get numb if I'm out in it for 45 minutes," Shoptaugh said.

Health experts confirm it. Exposed skin could be frostbitten in less time than that.

Code blues are in effect across Philadelphia and beyond. PennDOT and NJ DOT report all highways are back open. But, keep speed down, with the threat of unexpected black ice.

And, with the coldest night in a year, a reminder to check on the most vulnerable and keep pets warm.