People weigh in on Frank Rizzo statue debate

Protesters clashed with Philadelphia police on Wednesday, behind several layers of barriers protecting the controversial statue of former Mayor Frank Rizzo that more and more want taken down. Some calling it a reminder of the city's racist past and lack of brotherly love.

The scene was much different Thursday. Tonight, outside the Municipal Services Buildings in Center City it was like it always was. A few skateboarders working on their skills, people hanging around and the statue of Frank Rizzo.

While many of you have weighed in on our FOX 29 Facebook poll, the debate is also still alive on the streets of Philadelphia.

"Nobody should symbolize racism. It's equal opportunity for everybody.," one person said.

While another said, "He doesn't have to be beloved, but he's history and to take that down and to whitewash that is wrong."

Daily News Columnist Christine Flowers stopped by the Rizzo statue to snap a selfie. She can see both sides but wants the statue to stay.

"I guess growing up white in Philadelphia I can't emphasize with the feelings of those who truly were upset about what they presumed to be the racist policies of Frank Rizzo. I know I'm Italian. I grew up admiring the mayor because he was Italian he was law and order."