Philadelphia Eagles Super Bowl parade preps

The stage on the steps of the Art Museum is nearly set for a party the likes of which Philadelphians have never seen before--Thursday's parade and program celebrating the Eagles' Super Bowl victory over New England.

The stars of this show, after a few million or so beverages are consumed may be the sea of Eagles midnight green portable toilets lining the Benjamin Franklin Parkway parade route.City officials were asked about this vital party prep at a city hall news conference Tuesday.

"I don't know about the porta-potty thing," Mayor Jim Kenney said. "I'm not an expert."

It turns out, the Parkway and Broad Street are fully stocked, according to event producer Fred Stein of The Creative Group.

"Right now, there are 850 Porta-Johns that are out there," Stein said. "Scattered throughout the party grounds."

850, huh?

A quick calculation: an estimated 2 million visitors and 850 portable toilets works out to 2,352.9 people per toilet.

Former longtime Eagles season-ticket holder Christine Shayka flew in from her retirement home in Utah for the celebration. She attended several big crowd events on the Parkway when she lived in South Jersey.

"It seems like there's never enough porta-potties," she told FOX 29's Bruce Gordon. "No matter if you're here for a marathon or a draft. No matter what it is, but it works out."

Those unused toilet seats looked fine on Wednesday, but after about 2,000 visits apiece Standing room only never sounded so good.

Just ask the Bleile family from Millsboro, Delaware.

"I feel bad for the ladies," Scott said. "I think as guys we're lucky-- as long as they don't try and tip 'em!"

"We will make due and do what we need to do and get the job done!" his wife, Melissa, said with a laugh.

Apparently, this whole "women having a tougher time with portable toilets than men" thing is, well, real.

Claudette Renville of Berlin, NJ strode by a line of toilets while wearing sunglasses with Eagles logos over each eye.

Is there any circumstance under which she'd be willing to be the 2,000th user of a porta-potty on Thursday?

She smiled and said, "It depends on how bad I have to go!"