Philadelphia is in party mode as Super Bowl countdown begins

Philadelphia is hyped up with everyone counting down the hours until Super Bowl LII's kick off.

The pulse of Eagles nation is alive, strong and thriving. Super Bowl eve and the city is electric green and bursting at the seams. The city is definitely in a party atmosphere.

Everywhere a person looks there are banners and signs. Take a few steps down Broad and one word can be heard above all others.


Over at Chix & Bowls in Center City, Shadee is working through the night, ready to feed the masses.

"We've been getting order all day, all week," said Shadee, of Chix & Bowls.

Special orders, to be exact.

"They always screaming go Eagles," Shadee said

It's flying off the shelves at Township Liquors in South Jersey. But, Rob, is wearing the wrong hat.

"I've got people walking out cursing, screaming," said Rob, of Township Liquors.

"They'll go to a different store cause I'm wearing a Patriot's hat," Rob explained.

No New England fans allowed on Eagles territory.

"I love the green driving in seeing the green was incredible," said fan Jared.

Jared from Connecticut came here to be with fellow birds. He found them.

"My toes are painted green. I got my Wentz jersey. I've been wearing this," said fan Katie.

It feels festive like a holiday weekend. No one will sleep tomorrow night.

"We're sleeping, we're sleeping cause it's gonna be crazy," said Katie.

Just remember there is no parking on Broad around City Hall and in South Philly. The roads are being left open for the crowds to spill out in anticipation of an Eagles victory.