Philadelphia police officer faces perjury, falsification charges, DA says

A Philadelphia police officer is facing perjury and falsification charges after allegedly lying under oath about observing two men engaged in an attempted illegal drug transaction in Kensington, prosecutors said.

Officer James Saxton, 34, is alleged to have arrested one of the individuals without legal justification and to have falsified official reports in April 2019.

"In order to earn the trust and cooperation of the public, we need police offers to tell the truth just like we need prosecutors to tell the truth," District Attorney Larry Krasner said. "Official corruption and abuse of power impact whole communities, which in this case included witnesses who provided cell phone and surveillance camera footage that disproved Officer Saxton’s initial reports. Official lying undermines all law enforcement. This case illustrates the importance of Body Worn Cameras, and of following the rules of conduct within the department –especially rules regarding the usage of body worn cameras and the correct filing and storage of BWC footage."  

Saxton has been suspended for 30 days with intent to dismiss. 


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