Philadelphia seeing increase in COVID-19 cases due to spread from family members

People are getting out more. Many are trying to do the right thing especially in public places near strangers but what about when it comes to family? 

"Me and my family we still mask up especially my older side of the family. We try to keep things distance still," said Shonn Winter.

FOX 29's Shawnette Wilson talked to Winter and Nyla Williams who were out with her dog Belair in Rittenhouse Thursday evening.  

"We were distancing but recently I've seen my family. We still wear masks but some of my family don't which is like put your mask on still," said Williams.  


This week, Philadelphia Health Commissioner Dr. Tom Farley said contact tracing revealed an increase in coronavirus cases spread by family members. Other counties in our area are seeing the same thing.

FOX 29 asked Dr. Mike Cirigliano about this false sense of security among family members. 

"Even though they're your relatives if they are in your immediate household and you go visit them, like anything else you're introducing yourself to another area," he said. Dr. Mike also says you can’t give the green light to family members just because they’ve been tested. 

"It’s taking time to get the results back. That's problem number one and if it's negative from the time it was tested you might actually have been exposed and turned positive later on. Problem number two is that even if you are exposed to the virus and contract the virus there is a period of time I mean 5 to 7 days or so where that test can be negative and then turn positive." 

Officials say if you are going to visit family you need to wear a mask and still social distance. 

Dr. Mike said it best. Many of us are done with the virus but the virus isn’t done with us. 

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