Philadelphians and tourists trying to stay cool during sizzling heat wave

Everyone knows if you want a challenge just follow Rocky's footsteps up the art museum steps.

"I was just watching the movie Creed the other day. It gets you pumped out. Get my fraternity brothers out with me.

But through the haze of a 4 day heat wave the steps seem almost insurmountable.

"Honestly this morning I checked the time, checked the weather, almost went back to sleep."

Definitely not for the faint of heart.

And the typical crowds you'll find working out any given Sunday here were noticeably thin.

But early birds like Chris Nelson and friends decided to go for it. Racing the sun as it climbed higher into the sky.

"It's not as bad as you think. As long as you stay hydrated, check your heart rate, know your body."

Though some visitors to the steps--hadn't realized what they were into.

"What was it like when you stepped out of the car?"

"It was crazy it was like sauna," Max Cernei said.

Max and family here from Canada, the steamy weather driven them further south.

"Obviously the best thing is to stay near the ocean. That's what we're going to do right now."

"You heading to the shore?"

"Wildwood, Yes."

Not a bad idea.

It's only getting hotter.

Morning, the coolest part of the day at least until the heat and humidity break tomorrow. Remember the last heat wave the city saw several deaths--most of them people over 65. So health and safety especially when you're exerting yourself is not only a priority it can be life or death.

Of course, if you're playing football or do any kind of exercise in this weather any athlete will tell you the watchword here is water.

Coach Michael Sheridan Jr. with Haddon Township High School said, "We kept our shoulder pads off. We are also on the game day field we have ice water and cold towels."

The dog days of summer lasting a little longer this year.