Phillies fan uses cardboard cutout to propose to girlfriend

One diehard Philadelphia Phillies fan went the extra mile to propose to his girlfriend, with help from the Phillies.

Jared Bummock and Kelly Bailey have been together five years and they share two young children, a three-year-old and a one-year-old. The couple are both self-professed diehard Phillies fans.

Jared wanted to propose to Kelly, but was looking for a way that was unique and special. He decided to use the cut out photos the Phillies had offered fans as a way of representing fans at games during the pandemic.

The one tricky part of this marriage proposal was how would Kelly see the cut out photos? Their seats were in a tough spot, on left field near the foul pole.

Jared contacted the Phillies with the idea of using their cut out photos and the Phillies responded with the idea they would take a 360 degree photo, so Jared could zoom in on the picture.

Solution found. There was nothing left to do, but watch the Phillies.

“He called me downstairs and said, ‘You’ll never guess who’s at the Phillies game,’ and I was in my own world and I was like, ‘Wait, nobody is at the Phillies game,’” Kelly explained.

FOX 29’s Mike Jerrick asked whether it ever came close to being shown, perhaps a foul ball leading a camera to the position of their photos, to which Jared replied, “Yeah, I could see it, but she didn’t know where it was and I think she was wondering why I wouldn’t even leave, like, during a commercial break, I was like, glued, seeing if they would ever show it.”

“He went in on the picture and I was like, it was completely, literally out of left field. I had no clue,” Kelly stated.

The question everyone wants an answer to – what did she say?

“I said yes right away,” Kelly said. “It was awesome and very unexpected and I was very excited.”

The entire FOX 29 team wish Jared, Kelly and their children best wishes and nothing but happiness in the future.


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