PHOTOS: Fisherman Has 'Jaws' Moment as Great White Jumps Into His Boat

Terry Selwood, a 73-year-old fisherman, was enjoying a quiet Saturday afternoon in his small boat off the New South Wales coast when he was interrupted in the most shocking fashion.

A 2.7-metre great white shark leaped from the water, landing slap bang in the middle of Selwood's boat, knocking him over so that he wound up lying face-to-face with the huge predator as it thrashed about violently.

According to Marine Rescue New South Wales, Selwood sustained minor injuries as he battled to regain his feet and get as far away from the shark as he could.

After Selwood was airlifted to Lismore Base Hospital, the Marine Rescue team recovered the boat, and its new passenger. The shark was then handed over to researchers, Marine Rescue New South Wales said.

Photos: Credit: Marine Rescue New South Wales via Storyful