Phuc Dat Bich Says Facebook Story Was a Hoax, So Who is He Really?

Melbourne, Australia (FOX NEWS INSIDER) - After seeing reports of his 'battle' with Facebook to not to shut down his account become worldwide news, Phuc Dat Bich has outed himself as a hoax.

In a November 25 post, in which he gives the name Joe Carr as his real title (though many noticed the similarity of the name to 'Joker'), the person behind the Phuc Dat Bich account wrote that it was all a "prank".

"What started as a joke between friends, became a prank that made a fool out of the media and brought out the best in the people who reached out to me," reads part of the message, which is embedded in full below.

Technology podcaster Trevor Long was one of the first to question the story publicly inthis blogpost. So then, just who is the man behind all this?

A post below indicates the prank has been a long-term project with the title seemingly on the account since at least September 2013. Also, the account shared the above image of the prankster with a group of friends on November 22, with one friend also sharing it under the title "Class of PDB 2015" on the same day.

Storyful has checked images and publicly available posts from all those tagged in the image, alongside a number of other friends tagged in additional photos related to 'Bich' and his friends though they didn't throw up any additional identification of the trickster. However, an apparent former schoolmate of the man contacted Mashable to claim that the man's name is in fact Thien Nguyen. That name also tallies with a sale listing for a previous car advert on which featured a vehicle prominently displayed on the Phuc Dat Bich account.

That Mashable report can be viewed here.