Police: 10-Year-Old Girl Struck, Dragged by Elderly Driver

WEST ROXBURY, MA--A father-daughter trip to the grocery store turned terrifying.

Police say an 87-year-old driver hit 10-year-old Alex Nicholls and then kept driving, dragging the girl across the lot. She has road rash all over her body, plus a chipped tooth and sprained ankle.

Alex knows she's lucky to be alive. She spoke from her hospital bed in Massachusetts, the 10-year-old says she's grateful to the first responders who helped her.

"Me and my dad was holding hands and walking back to the car with all the groceries, and then there was a car and then I got hit," Alex explained.

Alex's dad says the driver apparently didn't realize he'd hit someone at all. Police have not released the driver's name, but say he has not been charged.

'Nothing else can compare to the agony of hearing your daughter scream daddy, while there's a guy driving down the street with her under the vehicle," said the girl's father, Jason Nicholls.