Police: 2 arrested, 1 sought in Bryn Mawr stabbing

Radnor Township police say two arrests have been made in connection with an assault and stabbing that occurred in Bryn Mawr. Police are still looking for a third suspect.

The incident occurred just after 2 a.m. back on October 6 on the 900 Block of County Line Road. Police say a man was walking down Prospect Avenue toward County Line Road with a woman when three other men began verbally harassing them. The three men started to approach the pair from behind and when they reached County Line Road the interaction escalated to a physical attack.

Police say the victim was stabbed in the chest via an unknown sharp object. The three suspects fled toward a 7-11 store at the intersection of County Line Road and Glenbrook Avenue.

Two cars drove by the incident including a female who stopped and asked if the victim was okay. The victim did not realize the severity of his wound, and walked home. Later he realized he had been injured and he walked himself to the hospital.

Officials say he is in stable condition. Medical personnel confirmed the victim was stabbed with a knife or a similar instrument.

The university issued an alert for students saying, "Those living or traveling in the area late at night should exercise caution walk in groups stay in well lit areas and be attentive to your surroundings."

This is an on going investigation.