Police: 6-year-old girl wounded in East Germantown shooting

PHILADELPHIA (WTXF) Surveillance footage shows a group of grade-schoolers playing in the street near a van just before shots ring out. In seconds, the children run for safety--leaving their toys behind. The little girl in purple shorts who relatives identify as 6-year-old Nala does not make it home. Police say she was shot once in the left arm.

One little girl was playing with the shooting victim on the 6300 block of North Woodstock Street Tuesday evening when the two were forced to run for their lives. We are not showing her face to protect her privacy. Relatives tell us Nala was visiting her aunt when she was shot. They tell us she is alert and talking but severely injured.

"The ballistics support two shooters. Witnesses and video we can only identify one shooter," police said.

Police say a man running down Woodstock Street minutes before the burst of gunfire may have been the shooter's intended target. At least two weapons were fired. So far ,authorities don't have a motive as to why anyone would shoot 20 rounds down a street packed with grade-schoolers.