Police break up 'Corona Party' at apartment in Trenton

Authorities in New Jersey reportedly broke up a 'Corona Party' Friday night at a Trenton-area apartment building.

Officers arrived on the 300 block of Concord Avenue just before midnight after they received an anonymous tip.

Police reportedly found over 40 people packed inside the 550 square foot apartment for what the homeowner described as a 'Corona Party.' Officers say among the partygoers was a DJ with speakers, alcohol and the smell of marijuana.

Responding officers ordered the crowd to disperse in compliance with Gov. Phil Murphy's gathering restriction. The homeowner, 47-year-old Wade E. Jackson, was issued two summons for violating the state's restriction.

Ewing police urge residents to report any large gatherings to local authorities.

New Jersey is currently dealing with over 11,000 cases of COVID-19 with more than 100 reported deaths.


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