Police: Brothers abducted, assaulted by man in Strawberry Mansion

Police are investigating an abduction and assault involving two young boys.

It all started at a gas station in the city's Strawberry Mansion section. The 14 and 11-year-old boys were pumping gas for tips when the suspect pulled up to them. It's hard to watch the video because you see the moment the child makes a decision to get in the car. Investigators say the driver assaulted the boy and then came back for the victim's younger brother. According to police, the driver is a predator who showed the boy pornography.

Neighborhood moms like Shakia Edwards says the gas station at 33rd and York is always full of local children especially when the weather is nice. The manager says clerks chase away the kids all the time.

On Tuesday night just after 8 p.m., police say a 14-year-old and 11-year-old both brothers were in the parking lot offering to pump gas for tips, when a driver suggested taking them to another station where he claimed the gas was cheaper. On the video, you can see the boys peer cautiously into the dark tinted silver Dodge Avenger before the older one agrees to get inside.

The gas station manager says his cameras picked up the alleged child predator circling the gas station before talking the boy into leaving with him. Once inside the car police say the boy is assaulted before eventually running away. He hopped on a bus trying to get back to his little brother who was still waiting at the gas station. But cops say it was too late, the suspect beats him there, picking up the 11-year-old and assaulting him as well before dropping the child off on a street corner.

The suspect is still on the loose.