Police: Burglar strikes while Clementon woman sleeps

"I saw all the drawers were open and stuff was taken out and all my jewelry was gone," said a woman telling the terrifying story of what happened while she slept inside her home in Clementon's Heritage Square. Her hands trembled as she recalled the morning she woke up.

"I woke up to three cops in the living room with the flashlight saying hello, hello, hello is anyone home?" We're not revealing her identity because she's afraid and still shaken up.

It was a week ago that a burglar broke a back kitchen window, climbed through, took money and credit cards from her purse. The person also went room to room stealing jewelry while getting just inches away from her as she slept.

"I have a night stand next to my bed. They had gone through the drawer next to me because it was still open," she said. Clementon police say the burglar left and tried to break into another home a few doors away but was scared off because the person inside was awake.

That neighbor called police who searched and found the shattered glass and open sliding door the burglar left at the first victim's home leading cops right to her. The victim now has an alarm system she hopes will make her feel more secure. She doesn't know how she slept through it all but she believes it's a blessing and likely the reason she didn't get hurt.

"I don't know how. I really don't. I don't but I'm glad I did because I don't know what would have happened had I woken up," she said.

Clementon Police say similar burglaries have also happened in Lindenwold.