Police: Cadillac used in high-end home invasion, robbery

Police say a group of men broke into a home, attacked a teenager, then took off with reportedly $2 million worth of jewelry and cash.

"It's like what we call souped-up, big sunroof, big rims, exhaust.It draws attention to itself," Philadelphia Police Captain Sekou Kinebrew told FOX 29 Tuesday.

Police are now looking for a late model Cadillac as the getaway vehicle used to haul away two 3-foot high safes loaded with cash and jewelry reportedly worth more than $2 million--the family's life savings.

"They went in point of gun. They completely traumatized the young person in the house. They fled with two safes with a significant amount of U.S. currency," Captain Kinebrew explained..

Investigators say two suspects broke down the backdoor to the rear yard of the home, then busted in and attacked the girl. They demanded money and then took the safes right out the front door to the waiting getaway Cadillac possibly driven by a man named Cody.

"If you know a "Cody" that's bouncing around in a Cadillac like that we'd like to know that, too," the captain said.

The homeowner's daughter was hospitalized in stable condition. Her father told FOX 29 Tuesday she is still sore and recovering. He says his family's life savings was lost along with the money for his daughter's college education.