Police: Dad shot 8 times, young son three in car's back seat

A father and his one-year-old son are fighting for their lives after a gunman opened fire on their car Wednesday night.

The shooting happened around 9 p.m. at the corner of 67th and Trinity streets in Southwest Philadelphia.

Officials say the 21-year-old man was shot at least eight times while he was in his car.

His 21-month-old son was shot three times in the backseat.

Investigators say the father and son ended up at the 12th District Police Station at 65th Street and Woodland Avenue. They were treated at the firehouse next to the police station.

The father was then taken Penn Presbyterian Hospital while his son was rushed to Children's Hospital of Philadelphia.

No arrests have yet been made. Police believe the gunman targeted the father and are convinced the gunman knew the child was in the car.

"We're just looking for anybody who has any information to please contact us," Lt. John Walker said. "We've got a one-and-a-half-year-old kid with his father getting into a car, and it looks like the shooter just walked right up on the car. So, they knew that kid was in that car and just opened fire. So, it's just unacceptable behavior, and we know the people in this area may know what's going on, may know why this happened. We're just asking them to do the right thing and call our tip line."

"It's a child, dude. I mean, where are we in our society today where kids are getting shot?" asked neighbor Phillip Bonner.

"This kid's hit three times with .40 caliber bullets at close range. All three bullets found in his body," said Lt. John Walker.

Neighbor Wendy Myers said," I just know he's the most lovable little boy. Oh for God's sake."

Another neighbor, Terry Allen, said this, "Our children are becoming collateral damage. That's the sad part."

That phone line for anonymous tips is 215-686-TIPS, or you can leave them online on the police department's website.