Police: Intoxicated driver damages Bucks County schoolyard with Jeep

Police arrested an intoxicated man after he allegedly tore up a schoolyard with his vehicle during an incident on Wednesday night.

Authorities found Kevin Tabeek, 49, near his Jeep which was stuck in the mud on the grounds of Walt Disney Elementary School in Tullytown.

He was taken into custody and charged with multiple crimes including driving while intoxicated and criminal mischief.

Tabeek, who police say was covered in mud from head to toe, reportedly told cops that he intentionally destroyed the field to blow off steam brought about by an inheritance battle.

An affidavit revealed that Tabeek admitted that he had taken Suboxone and Soma earlier in the night. Tabeek says that he was prescribed both medications.

It was later revealed by police that Tabeek had his drivers license had been suspended.