Police investigate Darby borough shooting

Darby Borough, Pa. (WTXF) Darby Borough police say 27-year-old Darryl Curry was shot repeatedly while sitting on his grandmother's porch on the 100 block of North 6th Street around 2 a.m. Tuesday morning.

According to police, one or more men approached and there was a brief conversation before the gunman opened fire-- unloading six to ten shots. Curry couldn't escape into the house in time.

Police think robbery was the motive and Curry may have been an intended target; however, it's unclear why.

The victim's family asked not to be identified, but tells FOX 29, Curry was at a bar prior to the shooting. Police spent the night reviewing surveillance video. A staff member there tells us Curry left just before 2 a.m. but the video didn't show him interacting with anyone in any alarming way.

His family says Curry also stopped at a gas station before heading to his grandmother's house.