Police investigate random shots fired from car in Norristown

Police are investigating random shots fired from a car riding through Norristown.

"I heard the gunshots or what I thought was fire crackers," said Edward Manning as he showed me where a bullet went through the trunk of his Cadillac. It happened as someone fired shots from inside a car riding down his street in Norristown.

"It's still lodged in there. You can't get it out," he said. We also found a bullet hole in the awning of a home and another shattered the window of a corner house.

"I see that yeah. Oh my God," said Lenora Estrada as I pointed out a bullet hole as she took her daily walk around the neighborhood.

"I'm nervous and I like to walk for my exercise," said Estrada. She also heard gunshots the other night.

"It was like boom, boom, boom and then it paused and boom, boom, boom," she recalled.

Norristown police say it's happened three times since last Saturday in the area of Oak and Arch Streets.

The most recent was Tuesday night just before 11 o'clock. A neighbor's surveillance camera captured a picture of a Nissan possibly an Altima that's gold or champagne in color. Police say it may have tinted windows, low profile tires with black wheels and a chrome trim ring around each rim. The brake light in the back window isn't working. Police say surveillance video showed four men in the car and two of them firing handguns.

"Kids is playing. Kids are," said Dorothy Hill who lives across the street from a park at the intersection where she says kids play sometimes as late as 10:30 before the lights go off. Most nights she takes her dog out for a walk.

"When the shooting starts you take off to run and get in the house because you don't know where the bullets coming from," said Hill. Neighbors say police patrol the neighborhood regularly in marked cars but they worry that might not be enough.

"I said if they start putting them back on foot patrol you wouldn't have all this problem," said Manning.

The suspect car is gold or champagne in color. It appears to be an older model 1990's to 2003 Nissan Altima according to police. So far no one has been hit by the bullets.