Police investigate string of break-ins in South Philadelphia

Police are investigating a string of break-ins in South Philadelphia.There have been 11 reports in one week.

A window left open, a door unlocked, even a ladder left laying around your yard can mean trouble from a bunch of burglars sweeping through parts of South Philadelphia.

"I would say it's definitely scary," Page Patterson, who lives on the 2200 block of Juniper, told FOX 29.

Third District police report 11 residential break-ins in the past week--from the 2200 block of Juniper to the 1600 block of South 2nd Street--where burglars even used ladders to bust into homes.They're taking whatever they can get their hands on.

"They've been taking some purses that had credit cards or cash in them. Also, some electronics, a computer, PlayStations," Third District Police Captain Frank Milillo said.

Page Patterson lives here on the 2200 block on Juniper Street. Burglars struck twice in her neighborhood this past weekend. She heard about the break-ins and knows it's time to be a little more vigilant.

"I moved here from New York. I thought this would be a little more of a safer area that's definitely shocking to hear," Patterson said.

"We had a few of them where people broke into the house while people were sleeping that's a serious concern of ours," Captain Milillo said.

Police are asking homeowners to lock doors and windows even on the second floor after ladders were used to burglarize two homes. they urge people to remove in-window air conditioners as well. they can easily be pushed in.

Some advice from police includes if you have exterior lights on your porch or in your alleyway leave them on. If you hear strange noises, call police and lock your doors and windows when you're not home even if it's for 10 minutes.