Police investigate triple shooting in Point Breeze

Philadelphia police are investigating a triple shooting on the 1200 block of S. 19th Street in Point Breeze.

"Right there would be one of them where a bullet came and hit and another one up in there right next to where a black thing is, is a hole," said Zach Taylor as he points to bullet holes in his Point Breeze home from a shootout on the block .

It happened just after 4:30 Monday afternoon. He wasn't home but his neighbor Mary was sitting outside.

"She was sitting here the whole time and thank God she didn't stand up or nothing. She's hard of hearing. She didn't hear the shot so it was like a blessing in disguise. She's got angels on her shoulder," he said.

Police say someone opened fire near 18th and Wharton hitting three people. A32-year old woman pushing a 10 month old in a stroller and was shot in the arm. The baby wasn't hurt.

A 62-year-old woman was shot several times in the leg and a 40-year old man was also shot in the leg.

Police say 17 shots were fired from a semi-automatic weapon and they're questioning a man caught running from the scene.

"Police found a male who was running from the scene who had a broken toe who claimed he broke his toe running from the scene. This individual was armed with a gun," said Chief Inspector Scott Small with Philadelphia Police.

Two people who live near the intersection heard the gun shots.

"In succession. They're building a couple of houses right next to us and we thought it was the nail gun," said Tony Esposito.

They hid in the upstairs backroom of their home until the gunfire stopped and were surprised to learn there was a shooting on their block.

"It's been sort of calm in terms of gun violence the last year and a half. Although several days ago there were a lot of shootings all around the city and down 18th and Snyder," said Gary Pratt.

Police don't know if any of the victims were the intended target. They were all taken to Presbyterian Hospital in stable condition.

Police are still investigating a motive for the shooting.