Police investigating fliers with hate symbols distributed in Mullica Hill

Police are investigating after fliers with hate symbols were distributed by a so-called militia group in Mullica Hill, New Jersey.

"I walked out of my house and I just out of habit checked my mailbox I knew the mail wasn’t here yet but I found it strange there was a letter inside my mailbox," Bryce Priggemeier said.

He added, "It’s reprehensible and offensive to anybody who tries to do the right thing."

The handmade and photocopied flier depicted a swastika with the words: "Vote Trump, we got your back, signed by the Mullica Hill Militia." There was even a phone number listed.

"What’s the point other than to drive fear and create division further division it’s sad really," Priggemeier asked.

Priggemeier talked to his neighbors and he says those who had Trump/Pence signs in their yard also received the fliers.

He called police and posted it on Facebook.

It remains unclear how people received the fliers in their mailbox, but some were found on car windshields in Mullica Hill. Harrison Township police are investigating. 

Editor's Note: This story has been corrected to reflect it is unclear how many people received the fliers.


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