Police issue murder warrant for man accused of shooting at van, killing woman

Police say they have a warrant for a man suspected of murder after opening fire on a van filled with women and children. A 23-year-old woman inside the van was killed.

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James Buckman says not a day goes by when he doesn't miss his stepdaughter Tyisha Timmons. He still can't believe the 23-year-old is gone.

"I feel sad thinking about my daughter every day," Buckman told FOX 29 Tuesday night. "She was a beautiful child, working hard and now she's gone. She's very, very missed." .

Buckman's spirits were lifted a bit Tuesday when he learned police now have a murder warrant for 30-year-old Timothy Barnes who investigators say was part of a two man team who opened fire on Tyisha's van with three women and three children under 4 inside. After the shooting, the van careened across Broad Street and crashed.

"Timothy Barnes and another man stalked the van through the neighborhood and fired into it on Broad Street--killing her," Homicide Unit Captain John Ryan said.

Police say it was all a case of mistaken identity. Barnes and a second suspect thought somebody in Tyisha's van had fired shots at he and his friends earlier at 16th and Nedro. Police say, in reality, they were not involved at all.

"Innocent, yeah, driving, Yeah, that's it," Buckman said

"My little sister was minding her own business and she didn't deserve this that's all," Tyrell Timmons said the day after the murder.

Tyisha's family has been in agony since she was killed. Several other family members and children in the van escaped the gunfire that day. Buckman says he's anxious to see justice for his family, but still dealing with the loss of Tyisha.

"Very sad, very sad situation," Buckman added.

"By the grace of God no one else was hit. It's terrible this young lady was killed," Captain Ryan said.

Captain Ryan says a lot of good detective and police work in the area near the shooting helped bring this case in. Investigators are working on the second suspect in the shooting and trying to locate Barnes, who has been arrested before.