Police: Korean War veteran attacked, robbed at his home

Police say they are searching for a suspect after a veteran was attacked and robbed inside his West Philadelphia home.

86-year-old Korean War veteran William Ravnel described being attacked inside his own home after police say a man followed him home from a local store and robbed Ravnel in his living room.

"He jumped on top of me and he just started punching--kept punching," Ravnel told FOX 29 Monday evening.

Punches in his face broke the US Army vet's dentures when his 83-year-old wife tried to help ward off the attacker, she was choked and thrown to the ground. The suspect fled with $60 worth of lottery tickets.

"That's why I was angry. That's why i got my pistol," Ravnel said.

"The 86-year-old is a Korean War vet, served his country and to have him go through this is just unacceptable," said Lt. John Walker of Southwest Detectives.

Detectives say Ravnel, who was awarded a Purple Heart for a shot in the leg went to a produce, then crossed the street to buy lottery tickets. That's where the suspect can be seen on surveillance video.

"He has a green shirt on. He obviously watches the male as he goes into the store paying attention to his actions--puts lottery tickets in his pocket," Lt. Walker explained.

The suspect approached Ravnel on his way out of the store and asked "Where's the money".

"I had the bag in this hand and my cane in this hand and he pulled out a razor," Ravnel added.

Ravnel pushed him aside and headed home unaware he was being followed. As he brought in the mail, he was attacked.

"Anyone who does this kind of stuff to older people, we just need to get off the streets," Lt. Walker said.

Police believe the suspect is from the neighborhood. They want people to take notice of the lime green shirt he was wearing. Ravnel says his wife wasn't injured, just shaken up