Police: Man forced into home, family terrorized during home invasion

Police are looking for three suspects after a home invasion Monday night in South Philadelphia.

Neighbors on the 2500 block of South Marshall Street were still shaken Thursday as police released surveillance video of a violent home invasion on their block.

"It's hard to get over something like that. The fear is tremendous," neighbor Jessica Downes said. "Made everybody nervous--off guard."

"We want everyone to have a heightened level of awareness as they're in that area of the city until we can bring these individuals to justice," Captain Sekou Kinebrew told reporters at a noontime press conference.

The video shows the suspects lying in wait behind cars on the street. When the victim approaches his home, he's attacked.

"He gets forced into the residence by these three assailants who are all armed with firearms.They attack him physically with fists, feet and also with the firearm," Captain Kinebrew said.

Police say the three armed suspects pistol whipped the victim and terrorized his wife and four children. They ransacked the house and stole cash and jewelry. The house is equipped with cameras.

"If you know these individuals or you've encountered them, you would recognize them," Kinebrew explained.

"I can't imagine the trauma those kids are in. It'll probably stay with them forever," Downes said.

Downes says the victim and his family are quiet and keep to themselves. She's concerned that the suspects are still at large.

"Hopefully, it gets to an end. It's scary knowing they're still out there," she told FOX 29.

Sources say the victim is a cashier at a West Philly business and may have been targeted.

"I pray that they can find some kind of peace and be able to move on," Downes added.

Police say the owner is a hardworking man and they've found nothing in his background that would potentially make him a target. Police say people in that area should be careful until an arrest is made.

If you have any information about the incident, you are asked to contact police.