Police: Man vandalizing neighbors' cars over landscaping issues in Westampton

Westampton police say they are searching for a man vandalizing neighbors' cars over landscaping issues.

Who does this? That's what Westampton police and neighbors want to know. A man waits until the early morning hours to put a box cutter to work. The video shows him taking his time scratching cars parked in someone's driveway. It's captured on video, which is posted on the police department's Facebook page.

"It's hurtful and very frustrating," said Naomi Taylor. The same thing happened to her car. She noticed before getting into her car to go to work Monday morning.

"He scratched up my side driver's door pretty bad, three doors, my hood and he flattened my tire," said Naomi. She lives on Holly Lane with her brother and sister-in-law whose car was also vandalized.

"It's like big deep gouges," said Heather Taylor. It happened to her car last month.

"It's more than a little nerve-wracking because you don't know if he's getting this brave now," she said wondering what's next.

The suspect also leaves a note on the cars implying that his anger is fueled by people in the Holly Hills section of town who he says don't keep up their property.

"The note to some effect that he's the new code enforcement officer in town and he's not happy with the way their property is being kept as far as grass or weeding or anything like that," said Lieutenant Brian Ferguson.

A woman who didn't want to be on camera is frightened because she says the person vandalized her car three years ago. She also got a threatening letter.

"Basically, cut your lawn. Edge your driveway. Some crazy stuff. I'll be back if you don't. Next time, I'm going to come kick in your house," she recalled.

Meanwhile, the sounds of landscaping and yardwork vibrated through the neighborhood. Allen Forsyth was out with his children A.J. and Brinley Rose. He installed cameras outside his home because of all that's happened.

"Just because you have a little bit of weeds in your yard I don't think that's of any concern to be destroying or vandalizing property over," he said.

Police believe the same person is responsible for all of the incidents. There have been six over the past month alone. They also believe he lives in the area. They don't want neighbors to approach him. Just call police if you catch him in the act.