Police: Man walks into woman's bedroom, sexually assaults her

Police say a man walked into a woman's bedroom in the middle of the night and sexually assaulted her.

Danielle Lowman-Griffin and her husband, Francisco, have lived in this apartment complex in the 100 block of East Godfrey Avenue for a little more than a year. Word of a sexual assault in their neighborhood frightened both of them.

"I'm very scared," Lowman-Griffin told FOX 29."I'm paranoid with the window open with the shade open and closed. I don't want nobody to see me in there and see that I'm by myself. If I close them, then I don't see nobody coming up."

''This is a real serious problem," Francisco Griffin said.

The victim's own surveillance cameras caught the suspect as he entered the second floor apartment through a sliding glass door at 3:20 a.m. in the morning. Police say he then attacked the 23-year-old woman in her own bedroom.

"She was awakened by the suspect who was in bed with her and sexually assaulting her," Special Victims Unit Captain Mark Burgmann told reporters at an afternoon press conference .

Investigators say the victim's 4-year-old son was asleep in another bedroom. She fought the man off and ran to safety.

"The complainant immediately jumped out of bed and ran through the apartment to get away him. She eventually fled outside and banged on a neighbor's door," Captain Burgmann added.

Police say the suspect fled out those same sliding glass doors, but not before the victim's cameras again captured him on video. Police say the victim made a report to police a month before this attack.

"Back on April 4th, she called the police to report what see believed was a 'Peeping Tom'. She said she thought she saw someone looking in her kitchen window," the captain explained.

Investigators believe the suspect may be familiar with the building or even from the area. That makes the Griffins even more nervous.

"My wife is home alone and I'm very concerned when I'm at work," Francisco Griffin said.

"We're hoping somebody from the public may recognize this individual," Captain Burgmann said.

Residents told FOX 29 they'd like to see more surveillance cameras at the complex. The suspect is in his 20s, about 6'0" and about 225 pounds. He tried to hide his face from the cameras. Police found no signs of forced entry and are waiting for forensic evidence from the scene