Police: Man wore 'Scream' mask during Hatboro home break-in

An alert for homeowners in Montgomery County. Police say a man broke into a home wearing a mask from the movie 'Scream'. They need your help to catch him before he strikes again

A neighbor's multiple security cameras caught every move he made from his pickup driving back and forth in front of Laraine Berko's home to her leaving the house and the burglar pulling his old pickup into her driveway--checking to see if anybody was home.

"It appears to be a late 90s model Ford F-150 pickup truck--blue in color with oxidized paint on the hood," Hatboro Police Chief James Gardner said.

He drove away and walked back to the house. He wearing a mask from the horror movie 'Scream' and crowbar in hand ducking and creeping throguh the backyard.

76-year-old Laraine Berko--better known as as Aunt Lu--says her mothers diamond wedding ring, some costume jewelry, a credit card, a jar of change and six one dollar bills were taken in the few minutes the burglar spent inside her home.

If you have any information, please contact Hatboro police at 215-675-2832.