Police: Pickpocket strikes twice in Plymouth Meeting

Police say a pickpocket has struck twice at two different grocery stores in Plymouth Meeting.

According to Plymouth Township police, a female pickpocket was caught on surveillance cameras at the Giant supermarket in the moments before she targeted an elderly woman.

Cheryl Luber stopped at Whole Foods on her way home from work at her busy hair salon, La Blonde in Lafayette Hill, Wednesday night. That's when she got word police were looking for the woman pickpocket who stole a female customer's wallet here, according to police.

"I feel we have to be very careful. Probably won't take my handbag into the grocery store." Luber said

The suspect covered her face with a cell phone as she entered the supermarket at 1 p.m. last Wednesday afternoon. She proceeded to cruise up and down the aisles as she targeted that elderly victim. Within minutes, she snatched the woman's purse and fled, according to investigators.

While the suspect tried to conceal her face with the phone, police believe someone can still recognize her from the video. Investigators say after stealing from her victims, she made her escape in both cases, in a dark colored sedan.