Police Search for Suspect in Gunpoint Robberies at Bus Stops

PHILADELPHIA (WTXF) The Philadelphia Police Department has issued a safety alert as they search for a man accused of six gunpoint robberies at or near bus stops.

Police say since December 6th six similar gunpoint robberies have been reported at or near bus stops in the area of Thouron Avenue & Upsal Street. In each instance, the victims have been female and their cellular telephones were taken, according to police.

Police released the following dates and locations the six reported gunpoint robberies occurred:

-- Date / Time / Location: 12-06-15 / 8:12am / Lowber & Upsal Streets

-- Date / Time / Location: 12-09-15 / 6:51am / Cedarbrook & Upsal Streets

-- Date / Time / Location: 12-17-15 / 11:30am / Thouron Avenue & Phil Ellena Street

-- Date / Time / Location: 12-18-15 / 8:00am / 1300 E. Sedgwick Street

-- Date / Time / Location: 12-26-15 / 7:42am / Cedarbrook & Upsal Streetd

-- Date / Time / Location: 12-28-15 / 8:35am / 1200 Easton Road

Stephanie Carr is looking over her shoulder a little more tonight while waiting on the bus stop.

"Im really scared for my life," said Carr.

She just learned that Philadelphia Police are looking for a man robbing women at gunpoint.

"I try not to be on my cell phone but I was on my cell phone because I was trying to get someone to meet me when I do get off the bus," said Carr.

Still she says she will take extra precautions to be safe.

"I watch out for myself when I'm out here anyway because I know people are crazy and they don't care about people," said Jones.

Police describe the suspect as a black male, early to mid-20s, 5'6"-5'8", light brown complexion, with facial freckles, discoloration, and/or mole, medium build, wearing dark hooded sweatshirt and dark pants.

Police also released the following safety tips:

-- Walk in groups of at least two using well-traveled / will-lit routes
-- Avoid alleys and isolated places
-- Be alert and aware of your surroundings
-- Avoid wearing or carrying items that maybe distracting, (e.g., ear buds, dark glasses, portable devices, etc.)
-- Refrain from visibly displaying cell phone or ear buds
-- Report suspicious persons and activity immediately by dialing 911