Police: Series of assaults, robberies involving teens around Temple

Several teens are under arrest and dozens more wanted after a series of attacks that happened within about an hour near Temple University on Friday night.

Police say there was flash mob at North Broad and Oxford Streets across from Temple University.

Joseph Lauletta says his 19-year-old daughter and Temple sophomore was left black and blue.

"She said, 'Dad, I'm beaten up very badly,'" the father told FOX 29. "She said my phone was stolen. I borrowed a phone. I'm headed to the police station."

He says she just got back from the Temple football game in South Philly when chaos broke out.

Lauletta rushed down from Bucks County to meet his daughter in distress and eventually made an emotional Facebook Post that has since gone viral.

Sources say it started with an Instagram post calling for a "meet up" before Temple University. Police say they responded to reports of 200 teens on and near Broad Street. According to police, the teen mob then broke up into several groups and attacked other a hand full of other Temple students.

At about 9pm, an officer on 1600 N. Broad Street saw a 15-year-old boy throwing rocks at passing cars and he later allegedly committed assault on a police officer.

Police noted, "At the time there was a large group of juveniles roaming the area causing havoc (flash mob)."

The officer found him again about 30 minutes later on 1800 N. Broad Street.

That officer, along with a Temple officer, tried to approach but he took off running. The officers chased him and caught him, but he "spun around and threw through the Temple officer to the ground, causing her to fall on top of her bike." She suffered bruising to her left leg and a scrape on her knee.

Then, the teen ran further north on Broad. Another officer saw, chased him and nabbed him in the 2000 block of N. Broad.

The 15-year-old male is charged with aggravated assault, propulsion of a missile, simple assault, resisting arrest and related offenses.

At about 9:10pm, a police officer's horse became the victim.

Mounted patrol officers were around 1701 N. Broad Street for a report of those flash mobs. They reported 75-100 people on the northwest corner and tried to disperse the crowd.

That's when a 16-year-old boy came up to an officer's horse and punched that horse twice in the face, and ran away.

Officers caught that suspect shortly after, and he's charged with assault on police (police service animal).

Finally, at about 9:20pm, three teens walking eastbound in the 1700 block of Cecil B. Moore Avenue were robbed and beaten by dozens of other young people.

Philadelphia police reported, "A large group of males and females in their teens surrounded them and began assaulting them by hand and foot."

An 18-year-old was scraped and cut on her legs. Also, her cell phone was smashed on the ground and her debit card was taken out of her purse.

The other victims lost items including an iPhone, wallet, Bluetooth wireless speaker and gray back pack.

Police blame a group of 20-30 boys and girls, in their early and late teens. No arrests have been made in this latest case.

Temple Police say for safety, security officers on bikes will accompany students who are walking. They should call 8-WALK from a campus phone or 215-777-WALK (9255) from a cell phone. Walking escorts are available 4pm-6am, seven days a week.

There is also Flight, an on-demand evening shuttle service. Temple students, faculty and staff should download the TapRide app, select Temple University and use their AccessNet login to request a ride from a smartphone. Flight operates 5:30pm to 5:45am, seven nights a week during the academic year. Click here for more information.