Police: Suspect steals woman's purse, runs her over in parking lot

Police arrested a man they say stole a woman's purse and then ran her over when she tried to stop him.

It happened Saturday at a McDonald's in Okeechobee, Florida.

The 76-year-old victim suffered a concussion and possible brain bleed when knocked down by the vehicle.

Police say the restaurant's surveillance video shows the suspect, identified as Charles Alton Stratton Jr, 50, pull up to the restaurant and park next to a side door. Inside, the victim and a friend sat at a booth next to the door.

Stratton gets out of the vehicle and walks away from the side door, entering the restaurant from the front where he then walks up behind the victim.

Video shows the suspect lean over behind the victim, grab her purse, and take off through the side door.

As he jumps back into his vehicle, the victim runs after him and opens the driver side door. As the door opens, the suspect reverses the vehicle, knocking the victim to the ground and apparently running over her leg.

The suspect kept going. Bystanders began calling 911 and rendering aid to the victim.

After posting the video of the incident on Facebook, Okeechobee police say they received tips about the suspect's identity. However, Stratton had apparently decided to turn himself in and was at the Volusia County Sheriff's Office. Detectives there said Stratton admitted he stole the woman's purse because he wanted money to buy crack cocaine.

Stratton said his alleged passenger, Christina Stratton, emptied the purse, took $4 out of the wallet and then threw the items out of the car window. The items were later recovered by officers.

Charles Alton Stratton, Jr. has been charged with robbery by sudden snatching, grand theft, and aggravated battery with a vehicle.